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Blog & NewsHow to rip CDs

Ripping a CD means extracting all data contained on the physical CD in view of conversion into audio files which can be easily read by a computer or network drive such as Devialet. To rip a CD in optimal conditions, you can clearly use iTunes, or a certain number of small dedicated programs such as dBpowerAmp, EAC (Exact audio Copy) for PC, MAX for MACs, which will then read the disc inserted into your CD-ROM player as many times as necessary to ensure that they have saved all data.

In parallel, the software will have searched for information or metadata for the disc (cover, name and duration of the tracks, singers, etc.) on the Internet in order to sort content and find tracks in a music library in the future. If you are connected to the Internet, you will need to enter this information in the software window which opens yourself.

After recovery, all of this data will be encapsulated in the audio files, which may either be identical to the original file (WAV and AIFF), or compressed with (MP3, AAC) or without the loss  (ALAC ou FLAC) of information to take up less space on the hard disc. At this point, simply place the files representing tracks from the disk in a music library or in any suitable music program to listen to these tracks on your computer or using a Devialet.