Every natural person, professional or not, residing in the European Union, benefits after purchasing products from Devialet’s Website ( or from our distributors of a free legal guarantee of two years against any lack of conformity, in accordance with European Directive 1999/44/CE.

The implementation of the present guarantee is subordinated to the proof of the purchase of a Devialet’s product (receipt, invoice,…)

Legal warranty of conformity

Definition of the lack of conformity

Products delivered by Devialet must be in compliance with the contract. Devialet will be liable for defects during the delivery, but also for all those resulting from the packaging, the assembling instructions or the installation when it is under Devialet’s responsibility.

According to the Directive 1999/44/CE, the product complies with the contract when :

  • The product is appropriate to the use usually expected from a similar good. The product is in accordance (i) when it corresponds to the description of the seller and possesses the qualities presented in sample or models ; (ii) when it possesses the qualities that a consumer can legitimately expect in light of the public statements of Devialet ; or
  • The product possesses the characteristics agreed by the parties or is appropriate to the particular purpose for which the consumer required the product, known and accepted by Devialet.

Implementation of the legal warranty of conformity

The warranty can be implemented within two years after the day the product has been delivered.

The anteriority of the defect is presumed to have existed for 6 (six) months from the delivery date of the good. You, as a consumer, will not have to bring the proof of the defect during 6 (six) months following the physical acquisition of the product. Once the period is expired, the consumer will bear the burden of proof of the defect.

In the event of defect of conformity, Devialet will, at your choice :

  • replace the product ; or
  • repair the product

According to the applicable law to this legal guarantee, Devialet can, in case of considerable difference of cost between both options, impose the one with the lower cost.

The consumer can obtain a partial (if he keeps the product) or total refund of the product in the following cases :

  • the replacement or the repair turn out to be impossible ;
  • the replacement or the repair cannot be implemented within the month following the complaint ;
  • the replacement or the repair creates for the consumer a major inconvenience considering the good or its expected use.

All charges related to the replacement, repair or the termination of the contract will be supported by Devialet.

How to implement the legal warranty of conformity :

If you notice that an product bought online on the Devialet Website or from one of our distributors contains a defect of conformity, please contact our customer support to the following e-mail address : [email protected]

Devialet will verify that the required conditions to implement the legal guarantee of conformity are satisfied. If the problem cannot be solved by e-mail or by hotline and/or if a technical diagnosis turns out to be necessary to establish the existence of a defect of conformity according to the applicable law, you will be redirected towards one of our sellers or a Devialet shop.

If the encountered problem does not concern a defect of conformity, the use of the technical assistance of Devialet will be at your sole expense. The cost related to the use of the technical assistance of Devialet will be communicated to you by the support service of Devialet.

If it turns out that the product contains a defect of conformity, Devialet will notice you about the estimated period to deal with your request and the options which are offered to you (refers to « Implementation of the legal warranty of conformity »).

However, if it emerges from the examination that the defect affecting the product does not result from its non-compliance, Devialet will contact you to inform you about the nature of this one and will inform you with an estimation of the cost of the service. In that case, all the expenses related to the use of the service, including in certain cases the expenses related to the examination of the product will be beared by you. Those costs will be noticed to you before the product is sent to be examined. No service will be provided without your prior approval.