Expert Pro Remote 绝对的控制

音响精品 的重量

这是一项崇高的技艺。Expert Pro Remote 是从单块的铝上切割下来的,可以让您用无与伦比的精致和精确来控制您的系统。

Expert Pro 系统的自然延伸。Remote 技术和机身保证了一种极度敏感和感性的体验。极致美好,就在您的指尖。



通过 Expert Pro Remote,Devialet 的设计师和工程师们已经完全重新定义了这个过程。从开始到结束,满足其中的每一个要求。

超精确和敏感,Expert Pro Remote 是一种完美的聆听体验。


Global compatibility

Expert Pro Remote’s radio link operates in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth with optimal frequency diversity, whatever your country.


Pointing is a thing of the past. Remote is perfectly omnidirectional, with an actual operating distance of up to 10 meters. Or way more in free ambient mode.

Ultra low latency

Absolute control.Shift gears seamlessly with ultra-low latency (>3ms).

Bespoke set-up

Customizable MUTE and TONE buttons bring a bespoke listening experience. Just how you like it.

Total energy efficiency

Expert Pro Remote battery life lasts up to five years on average.