Phantom This is not a speaker,
This is Phantom.

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  • 全新的Phantom


    ¥ 14,980

    1200 瓦特 101 dB SPL 16 Hz 至 25 kHz 带宽

  • Silver Phantom

    Silver Phantom

    ¥ 18,980

    3000 瓦特 105 dB 16Hz 至 25kHz

  • Gold Phantom

    Gold Phantom

    ¥ 23,980

    4500 瓦特 108 dB 14Hz 至 27kHz 钛合金 高音

  • Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris | Devialet

    Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris | Devialet

    ¥ 28,980

    4500 Watts / 108 dB 14Hz to 27kHz 钛合金 高音 金葉子

Encounter perfect silence

Have you ever been struck by perfect silence? Phantom’s revolutionary ADH® Intelligence achieves the impossible: zero background noise. From pure sound to absolute quiet, feel your music’s every nuance. Playback at its most intense.


Feel the Impact

There’s more to hear and feel. Engineered to take you deeper, Phantom’s woofers power together under extreme pressure. Feel your body tremble as you travel to the edge of infrasound. Ultra-physical.

Feel It